Creamy Shrimp Stuffed Avocados

creamy shrimp stuffed avocados pmaks

This recipe came about because I was scouring the internet for a different way to make some shrimps that I had in the fridge.  I knew I didn’t want the usual stuff that I do with shrimps (although that too is delicious).  I wanted something more like an appetizer but in a cream sauce and stuffed in an avocado. I had some Haas avocados that really needed to be made into something quick and no, I did not want to do guacamole with them again.  Continue reading →

Tilapia over Bacon with Green Olives and Creamy Corn Relish


I’m all for super fast meals especially during the work week.  If you’re anything like me, always scrambling at the last minute to cook something, have I got the meal for you.  Continue reading →

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