Bacon Cheeseburger and Ranch Pie | bacon cheeseburger and ranch pie

cheeseburger ranch pie 5 pmaks

I love cheeseburgers.  But I love them more with bacon 😀 .   Yup everything tastes better with bacon, sorry.  This bacon cheeseburger and ranch pie is a testament to all the things I love in a PIE!  Say what? Continue reading →

Puerto Rican Pot Roast (Carne Mechada)


Disclosure:  I didn’t even know how I would  accurately translate the title of this dish from Spanish to English other than with the name I gave it.  Seriously, it took me so long to think what I should call it, I nearly didn’t post it.  Continue reading →

Beef Empanadas (Puerto Rican Style)

Every now and then I get somewhat nostalgic and start to reminisce about foods that I used to have when I was young. This past weekend was one of those times. It did help that I had all the ingredients to indulge in this latest craving. Continue reading →

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