About Angie


I’m Angie, creator of the Angie’s Kitchen Shenanigans Facebook Page and owner of the food blog website, angieskitchenshenanigans.com.

My love of cooking is what inspired these pages and that love was taught and passed on to me, by the two most respected chefs in my life, my grandmother, Eduviges and mother, Marina. Throughout the years, through trial and error, I have tried to recreate most of their recipes as they are no longer here to help me in my endeavor.  I can honestly say, I’ve succeeded with some and failed miserably with others. The only thing I can go by is trying to replicate the smells of what I remember as being the best time in my life, where food was served as a means of showing love, giving comfort and bringing the family together.

I now extend and show that love, through cooking, to my “immediate” family.  My husband, Enoc, who never says anything negative of what I’ve cooked unless, of course, he absolutely hates it (such as when I sneak a dessert that isn’t made with “Splenda”).  My son Evan, the police officer, who “blesses” me every now and then when he comes to visit us (he lives about 20 minutes away) to have one of my whipped-up meals (as long as it isn’t meat loaf – I’m still working on that); Laurin, his girlfriend, who usually comes with him and whom I have grown to absolutely LOVE (it helps that she thinks everything I make is “AMAZING”, and Jasmine, my latest “recipe guinea pig” and perhaps my most challenging critic (hates everything and anything that has vegetables in it and will pick EVERY vegetable out and then announce “it was good mom”).

I am also a “bonus” mom and mom-in-law to my bonus daughter and sons.  Let me explain, I HATE the term “step-mom” – what exactly does that mean?  Step into what? I’m not stepping into anything because I happen to feel that they already have a mom that has done a great job being their mom, that’s why I’m their bonus mom.  Throughout the years, my bonus children Raquel (Rocky) and Enoc, and bonus son-in-law Tim,  have also become accustomed to my cooking and always boost my ego by raining praises on me and some concoction I’ve made for them.  Since they live out-of-state, it’s always my pleasure when they visit and request certain dishes I’ve made for them that they absolutely love (like my bacon spaghetti).

My kitchen shenanigans was born out of my unconventional mischievous style of cooking and a co-worker of mine named Christine.  I love to bring in the things I create and share with my co-workers and Christine is known for saying, “what sort of shenanigan…?” to anything going on in the office, and well, it stuck. I have no organized way of cooking.  About as organized as I get (to the point of being OCD)  is to make sure I clean up as soon as I finish adding an ingredient, to reduce clutter in my kitchen. I have been known to start making bread at 8:00 p.m. just so we can have a bedtime snack by 12:00 midnight. Or starting a cake at 10:00 p.m., or whipping up breakfast for the people at my job at 11:00 p.m.

A little unconventional?  Yes

A little irrational?  Most definitely

So there you have it!  There’s always some shenanigan going on in my kitchen.  So have a seat and join me in my kitchen adventures.


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